Total Registrations & Our Next Roadshow

We’re responding to the call and doing a more extensive roadshow in Zimbabwe in September. The feedback we received from the last roadshow has been that we need more t-shirts and flyers. Zimbabweans love t-shirts! You can find the ambassador roadshow dates on our website and on facebook.

The events are free but you’ll need to register. Click on the links below for your city. We are still finalising venues for some cities but will keep you posted if you have registered:


Sign-up statistics

We have received much feedback from our Ambassadors and others requesting to know where we are in the sign-up process, and what the exact roll-out steps are currently. 


Here is our sign-up graph – which is spiking nicely. We currently have signups, and are growing between 50 and 200 a day (depending on the day, we have a fair amount of volatility each day, taking into account electricity access in the country, network access and a host of unknown factors!)   

We have 230 ambassadors spread throughout Zimbabwe and South Africa, with 13 Ambassador leaders positioned in each of the major regions.

We have analysed our data and, on an exponential graph which is used to see whether take-up is going viral. The graph has been on a clear multiplier trajectory. That means, in simple words, that the we’re doubling every couple of months.

Next Steps
Our goal is to get a token established. We’re looking currently at the TRON decentralised platform. After an extensive and exhaustive process, we have finalised our developers down to a list of three options.

Initial Exchange Offering
Our goal has been to list the token on an international exchange. As it turns out, there is a new approach to listing which is known as an Initial Exchange Offering. The largest exchanges in the world (which have multiple billions of dollars in trade each month) would market the token to their networks of international buyers. It’s a crazy market at the moment with the various token projects being able to raise multiple millions of dollars in a minute or less.

Our plan is to sell 10% of the tokens on one of these exchanges in order to get a listed price. Zimbabweans will then be able to sell their ZIMBOCASH on these exchanges for dollars, bitcoin and other foreign currencies once they have made six transfers to other people on the exchange.

That’s the plan.

To be truthful, we are swamped with the amount of work that it takes to get us to that place. We’re engaging with legal advisors, technology developers, architects and coders offshore and in Africa, funders, hosting providers and a host of other service providers.

Sometimes we doubt whether we can do it. And other times, we are spurred by a belief that we are changing the world starting with Zimbabwe. Our job is to translate great ideas into great execution. Throughout, it has been passion which has carried us and the team.

What about the Government
For those of you that have asked how we are going to treat the government, we will prepare another Fireside Chat with concrete details. We have had discussions with various ministers and leaders at various levels throughout the process. No-one can give us definitive clarity, but we are absolutely committed to working with the government – in a nutshell though, we are saving 10% of the tokens for the Zimbabwe government, we are saving 10% of the tokens for the Zimbabwe government and are making one third of the transaction fees available to them.The feedback has generally been very positive but no-one can give us.

Ambassador meet ups

Our Ambassador teams in the various cities in Zimbabwe have been amazing. They have each spontaneously organised ambassador meetups and handing out flyers in the streets. Here are some pictures from the past two weekends. We love our Ambassadors and honour every one of them for the role that they have been playing. We’re proud to say that we are part of the ZIMBOCASH Ambassador team.

Let us know on facebook which cities you would like us to visit.

Lastly, thank you for each of you for the role that you are playing. As we work together, Zimbabwe can become the nation that leads the world with sound money. It is a big dream. So big. And we can do it!

Don't forget that ZIMBOCASH allocations are halving at the end of September!!!

From each of us in the ZIMBOCASH core team.

Forward we go.



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