Our Zimbabwe Road Show with Pictures

Well, what a great last few weeks. We’ve just come home from a bustling road trip across Zimbabwe. Three of our team members crammed in presentations across four cities, running workshops and meetings with our ambassadors. It was the feel-good tour of the century – in an environment where inflation is destroying Zimbabwe, we have a message of hope. 

We handed out t-shirts and educational flyers to everyone that came. There was more than enough food and drinks for everyone. Even though there is still a lot of work to do, the idea of ZIMBOCASH is slowly penetrating conversations across the country.

 Many people arrived at the workshops cynical, which is to be expected. But by the end of the meetings, everyone left excited with more understanding of how we can create a sound-money system where the money supply is fixed using blockchain technology. Everyone we spoke to had ears to hear. The ZIMBOCASH team left encouraged and motivated to continue our work.

Here are a few pictures in a collage of our trip.

Roadshows in Johannesburg and Cape Town
We’re continuing our roadshows in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Come join us in the next two weeks (let us know if you’re coming on Eventbrite).

Cape Town 

Date: Sunday,  2 June 2019, 2 – 4 pm

Venue: The Standard Hotel, 9 Camp Road, Maitland, Cape Town
Eventbrite link:


Date: Friday,  7 June 2019, 4 – 6pm
Venue: Starbucks, Rosebank Mall
Eventbrite link: 

Bitcoin Price
If you’re following the Bitcoin price, it has doubled in the last two months and is approaching $9000 a bitcoin. Imagine you were one of those who received bitcoin in its early days when the price was a few cents per bitcoin. People have invested in bitcoin because it is the first example of a currency that is verifiably fixed in supply. It is a global reserve currency of sorts. This is what we are trying to create in Zimbabwe.

Without a currency that people can rely on, inflation begins to destroy people’s way of life – savings disappear, people leave looking for work in a stable currency and capital leaves the country.  Using blockchain technology, however, we have the ability to change all of this.

The key benefit that ZIMBOCASH has over bitcoins is that ZIMBOCASH will be put into the hands of all Zimbabweans who register at no cost – so a trading network will be available on-the-ground. ZIMBOCASH would be the first on-the-ground transactional cryptocurrency.

Ambassador Program
We are reopening the ambassador program to the public again. We are looking for people who are passionate about making a difference in Zimbabwe, who are great communicators and who want to see the ZIMBOCASH network grow. If that is you, we’d love to interview you for the position of an Ambassador. Click here for more information:

ZIMBOCASH allocations are halving end June

At the end of June, the amount of ZIMBOCASH allocated to those who sign up halves from 50 000 to 25 000. The number allocated for referrals also halves to 2 500, and so does the amount allocated when people click your unique link (down to 25 from 50). Best to get your friends and family signed up before the halving takes place.  


If you want to see your ZIMBOCASH balance, you can go to your dashboard

A lot happening at ZIMBOCASH!! Each week, it seems to take on just a bit more shape. There is so much to do, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. It will take several months for us to launch the actual ZIMBOCASH token so please be patient with us. In all of this, we are happy to be a part of the solution.

Kind regards


I’m Philip Haslam. I am the communications guy at ZIMBOCASH. We’re part of a broader community of people working on establishing sound money in Zimbabwe. We’re passionate about this as a life goal. We’re sending out regular Fireside Chats to keep you informed – feel free to unsubscribe from these below. It won’t affect your registration with ZIMBOCASH.


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Money Printing Times

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